From PMO Symposium 2017 – Opening Plenary Recap

Hello from Houston!

This week, we are here for the PMI PMO Symposium. We will be sharing recaps from some of our favorite sessions this week, so stay tuned.

Fascinating day today at PMO Symposium. The theme this year is Organizational Agility. Mark

A. Langley, CEO of PMI, opened up our session this morning by talking us through some of the key points of PMI’s Thought Leadership study on the topic, then Bruce Rogers, CIO of Forbes Insights took us through some of the more interesting findings around Organizational Agility.

First, Organizational Agility is not about project methodologies, but about an organization’s ability to react and respond to the market better than its competitors. Their studies found that organizations which exhibited this kind of agility (perhaps obviously) performed much better overall than their competitors that exhibited lower agility. To sum this up nicely, they quoted Jack Walsh:

“When the rate of change outside your organization is faster than the rate of change inside, then the end is near”

-Jack Walsh

They also found that while 92% of executives think being agile is important, and 82% think it is very important for strategic initiatives, only 27% thought their organization was actually agile. So, room for improvement there.

This is where it got really interesting…

Then they started going deeper into the study. What they found is that companies that use Agile project methodologies are NOT, in fact, the most agile. Nor are those that are waterfall. What they found is that enterprises that had a balance of the two methodologies (a hybrid agile / waterfall PMO) were the most agile.

Perhaps even more interesting is that the most agile organizations had the most mature processes. Far from holding an organization back, having good processes in place allowed the organization to respond and react more effectively.

Stay tuned for more information on this topic in the weeks to come.

Next, we’ll share some insights and lessons learned from Caterpillar’s move from staid old Waterfall delivery to Agile, as shared by Seth Norburg, Program Management Supervisor.

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