Agile Transformation Principles

Agile is changing the way we think about work. It allows organizations to leverage innovation in existing teams, build the things customers will love, and pivot quickly to react to market changes.  It also empowers front line employees to not only do more, but be more, enriching existing jobs, increasing engagement and job satisfaction, while freeing up leadership to focus on mentoring and strategic thinking. Agile transformation is the way of the future!

Real change requires more than renaming existing processes.  To get the benefits of Agile, organizations need to change the way they think about work, about customers, about employees, and about leadership.

Our Method: Kolme Agile Principles

Kolme is here to help. Our principle-based approach is Agile Transformationfocused on simple proven elements that allow Agile teams to be successful. We are not dedicated to one approach. Let’s face it – No one knows your organization like you do, so we will help you choose the best from a variety of methodologies to enable you to create a customized approach that fits your needs.

We start by understanding your existing organizational culture and workflow, and then design a custom approach focused on your needs. Key elements include:

  • Learning while doing – Scrum teams are trained and stood up quickly, then coached while implementing projects. This allows teams to learn the process as they go, quickly find and overcome obstacles, and allows organizations to see rapid results.
  • Leadership training – Teams need support. We focus on providing leadership with the tools and training to provide coaching and mentorship.
  • Organizational coaches – Agile isn’t just a one-time transition, it’s a journey. You’ll see some quick wins, but more importantly, you’ll have the tools to build continual improvement into your organization.   We train internal coaches to ensure you get the long-term benefits of the processes and tools.
  • More than Agile – A number of other principles have come out in the last 20 years that help Agile teams be more successful. Our approach integrates the best ideas from Design Thinking, Lean Product Management, Servant Leadership and other areas to help teams find the best tools for the challenges they’re facing.

Your Perfect Agile Evolution Partner

  • Project Management & Agile Experience
    • Principle focused approach to create an Agile culture
    • 100 years of combined PM, PMO, & Agile leadership experience
  • Change Management Knowledge
    • Change approach built on Prosci® ADKAR principles
  • Clarizen Technical Ability
    • Premier Clarizen technical partner ​
    • Masters in partnering with your functional and technical teams to automate and streamline complex business processes

The primary reasons for applying Agile principles to an organization is increasing innovation, improving customer product value, and enabling the organization to quickly pivot to meet changing market needs.

What’s Included?

  • Standardized Agile assessments based on Agile cultural principles and outcomes
  • Detailed implementation approach:
    • Learn as you go Agile implementation approach – you see results quickly!
    • Agile specific training for Teams, Scrum Masters and Product Owners
    • Cultural training for resource and team managers
    • More than Agile – integrates best practices from Design Thinking, Servant Leadership, Lean Product Management, and more
    • Tailored approach focused on your organizations unique culture and needs
  • Additional training on advanced Agile principles
  • Innovative Clarizen configurations & best practices designed to drive adoption

Keep Learning With Us

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