Workflow Automation in an Agile Environment 

March 1st, 2022 | Press Release | #BusinessConsultant #ClickUpPartnership  

Strategic Partnership: A Quickstart solution for businesses looking for an Agile Project Management Software to help increase productivity. 


Kolme Group is a Preferred Partner for ClickUp Project Management Task Management Software.

  • Save an Hour a Day but Quite Possibly the Quarter with the QuickStart Package 
  • Consultation, Configuration, and Testing Done for You; Saving Your Organization Time and Money 
  • QuickStart’s Package will include Several Enterprise Licenses and Professional Services Hours 

[Arizona, United States] Kolme Group and ClickUp have partnered to offer a workflow tracking software package! ClickUp’s agile project management software will help a manager easily plan, track, and collaborate on any project more effectively and with complete transparency.  

This agile planning tool package is a unique offering by ClickUp and Kolme Group that will allow for better project team collaboration and strengthen department planning management efforts. This ppm tool implementation package for project planning is devised to rapidly design, configure and validate a ClickUp workspace based on a client’s key success to criteria.  

The Kolme Group is a renowned global project and portfolio management consulting group. With 20+ years of Program Management, Business Analysis, and Change Management experience working across industries with Fortune 100 & 500 companies and launching multiple startups. The ClickUp QuickStart Package offers a unique opportunity to consult with professional project managers to give clients a fully functional Instance of ClickUp, custom-configured to one of their use cases, this allows them to streamline and gain visibility into their project management process and helps with the growing and changing needs of their organization. 

The Kolme Group will write a project plan, facilitate the onboarding of the ppm software, and test your new workflow management software. Plus, to ensure we are helping our clients succeed, we continue to follow up with your agile team to ensure your data-driven PPM solution performs as needed. 

The Kolme Group will continue to provide client support. Ensuring the PPM tool solution implemented meets expectations and complements your current business processes. Ensuring your ppm tool software solution is still aligning with the growth of your team and overall project goals. Our project management team can and will further help your organization implement more solutions even beyond the confines of the department.  

At Kolme Group, we believe in partnerships that better our community and help those around us succeed! Kolme Group partners with outstanding companies to help our clients achieve a better way of doing things. If your company is interested in a partnership, please contact us

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Lauren Caughlan, MPA 


Time Tracking Software that Produces Real Revenue Gains

Time Tracking Software that Produces Real Revenue Gains

February 1st, 2022 | Press Release | #BusinessConsultant #PremierPartnership  

Strategic Partnership:Kolme Group and TimeJam aim to increase strategy success rates in change management.

“Never thought I would say this, but getting my team to submit timesheets is actually a fun and engaging activity, and that’s thanks to TimeJam,” said Kim Essendrup, one of the founding partners of Kolme Group. 


A time-tracking solution collaboration that delivers

[Arizona, United States] Kolme Group and TimeJam have partnered to increase client profitability and improve their adoption of new technologies. Kolme Group has 20+ years of project & program management experience working with Fortune 100 & 500 companies and launching multiple startups. TimeJam is an innovative new startup that offers time entry gamification solutions which connect to nearly any existing time-entry system to increase the frequency of employees reporting timesheets and billable hours. 


The partnership holds particular promise to our clients at Kolme Group, who struggle to keep their team engaged and on top of tracking billable hours daily. This out-of-the-box solution will encourage and influence departmental teams’ overall time tracking through gamification, social interactions, and humor. 


A management tool that offers real-time reporting solutions to increase on-time tracking 

TimeJam time tracker is the process gamification solution that will improve performance in reporting hours worked and the time spent on each 

project and task using your existing time entry and project tracking systems. Team members responsible for tracking billable hours for projects and assignments will do so more frequently with TimeJam motivation. Kolme Group clients can discuss how this new time tracking tool can improve their overall change management strategy with their project manager. 


At Kolme Group, we believe in partnerships that better our community and help those around us succeed! Kolme Group partners with outstanding companies to help our clients achieve a better way of doing things. If your company is interested in a partnership, please contact us


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Lauren Caughlan, MPA 


Kolme Group Expands to Europe

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Competing in a global market is no small endeavor, but Arizona based Kolme Group, LLC. have found their niche supporting project and portfolio management (PPM) initiatives for global enterprises. In April 2019, the Company announced the launch of European operations with a local office based in Amsterdam, Netherlands to support their growing list of international clients.

Kolme Group Expands To Europe

This expansion enables Kolme Group’s mission of helping its enterprise clients make data-driven business decisions with well implemented, best-in-class, PPM tools.

“To better serve our global clients, we need to be global, too,”

said Matthew Henderson, one of the founding Partners of Kolme Group.

“Our consultants are very experienced supporting global enterprises. Expanding our reach by opening local European offices will allow us to provide even better support to our customers with a European presence.”

Kolme Group Expands to Europe Due To Demand

Demand for experienced project and portfolio management consulting is on the rise; consultancies such as Kolme Group, can build strategic and tactical efficiencies within PMOs and bridge the growing talent gap.

Kolme Group Expands To Europe

According to a 2017 publication from the Project Management Institute (PMI), by the year 2027, employers will need 87.7 million individuals working in project management oriented roles, but the talent gap could result in a potential loss of $207.9 billion dollars.

Additionally, a 2018 IDC study revealed that the worldwide project and portfolio management market is expected to see a growth at a CAGR of 6.8% over the next several years, forecasted to reach $5.8 billion by 2022; up from $4.2 billion in 2017. 

When asked about the importance of PPM tools, Kim Essendrup, founding Partner of Kolme Group, had this to say,

“At this past PMI PMO Symposium, we engaged with over 65 project and portfolio leaders from around the world to study real-world project success factors. We found that organizations with the tools to drive process compliance had an amazing 5x better success rate closing projects.”

Essendrup further explains,

“Our study concluded that by every measure of project success – scope, cost, time, customer satisfaction, resource management, etc., organizations that have the tools to manage project financials are better off than those that don’t.”  

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