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Customize Your Financial Planning View In Clarizen
June 12, 2020

We’ve premiered another quick win Kolme University mini-masterclass, showing you how to embed a Financial Planning view into a custom panel. 

Normally, if you want to see the financial panel, you have to go to a dedicated view.

BUT, by the end of our mini-masterclass you will have the Financial Planning panel and we can embed that in a one or two-column view. 

This is a great time-saver as now you’ll see your financials from other views. Which means you don’t have to go back and forth between views to see your financials while working on a project!  

What Is Financial Planning?

Understanding your project financials using Financial Planning in Clarizen will allow you to better plan, manage and track for success!

Financial Planning provides a fast, simple, and familiar way of working with project budgets that combines the simplicity of a spreadsheet for data entry, with the control and structure that organizations need to keep track of the bigger picture, at scale, and over time

Clarizen Success

See how to customize your Financial Planning View in Clarizen, Click Here and watch our short Financial Panel Mini-Masterclass on our YouTube channel.

Features of Financial Planning In Clarizen

  • Project cost estimation (initial costing/pricing)
  • Project cost budgeting (detailed budget with work plan)
  • Project cost control (monthly tracking of actuals)
  • Project revenue forecasting (month, quarter, year)
  • Revenue recognition for time & materials projects (revenue actuals)

Watch The Expert + Build Like Us

Join Kolme University instructor Kim Essendrup as he quickly teaches you how to customize your financial planning view in Clarizen. Then, put this knowledge to work by adding a NEW custom invoice module to track your project costs more easily!

To add your own Custom Financial Planning Panel inside of Clarizen – Download our FREE worksheet

Become A Student

It’s easy for you to begin our Configuration Masterclasses powered by Kolme University! Configuration Masterclasses will provide you with new tools and ideas to keep your system top-notch and customized to fit your business needs. Register here

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