Jason Davis
PM Technical Consultant Intern

Over a 20-year Air Force career, I’ve had the opportunity to lead projects across multiple organizations, areas of responsibility, and even continents. With each new program or project my passions for building teams, meticulous research, and implementing meaningful strategic change grew stronger, and in time became my calling card. I am most motivated to take on the job that has the reputation for being difficult or the process that is believed to be irreparably broken; using an innovation mindset to approach problems and manage projects has become my specialty. I am pursuing my Master’s in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Penn State’s Smeal College of Business. When I’m not helping organizations plan for and implement change, I enjoy spending time with my wife and son, golfing, exercising, and over-planning family adventures. I’m also a diehard Buffalo sports fan with a persistent belief that this year is our year.

Insignia de veterano

Juntos luchamos por el éxito de los proyectos,
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Nos gusta el software de gestión de proyectos y
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