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Agile Training Accelerator & SAFe Certification


Agile Training Accelerator + SAFe Certification


Welcome to Kolme Group’s Custom Agile Assessment for Large Enterprises and SAFe Transformations! We understand that every organization is unique, and that’s why our offering can be tailored precisely to your specific needs and the intricacies of your transformation journey.

Our comprehensive approach includes meticulous planning and scope definition, along with extensive data collection involving multiple teams or departments. Our expert team will conduct in-depth data analysis, focusing on the organizational and cultural changes necessary for a successful Agile or SAFe transformation.

You can expect a detailed transformation roadmap and a comprehensive report, complete with training plans, change management strategies, and pilot initiatives.

Our support doesn’t end there; we’ll be by your side throughout the implementation phase, providing coaching, training, facilitation of key activities, and regular check-ins to ensure progress and adapt the plan as needed.

Partner with Kolme Group today and embark on your successful Agile and SAFe transformation journey!


Agile Transformation + Accelerator Services

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