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Kolme Group & Its Inaugural Diamond Partner Status with ClickUp

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Setembro 26, 2023

ClickUp Diamond Status: A Showcase of Exceptional Business Impact and Customer Service

Phoenix, Setembro 19, 2023 — Kolme Group, a prominent name in the realm of productivity solutions, is thrilled to announce its achievement of Diamond Status in 2023 within the prestigious ClickUp Solution Partner Program. This recognition stands as a testament to Kolme Group’s unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding services, driving remarkable business performance, and revolutionizing productivity for its esteemed clientele.

The coveted Diamond Partner status within the ClickUp ecosystem is reserved for partners who go above and beyond to ensure ClickUp customers find, purchase, and seamlessly implement the platform to achieve their goals. These partners adhere to stringent qualifications and consistently attain top-tier customer satisfaction. Companies reaching the esteemed Diamond status have showcased their ability to make a profound impact on customers and play a pivotal role in expediting value realization for businesses across diverse industries.

Tommy Wang, Chief Business Officer at ClickUp, remarked, “Attaining Diamond status is a remarkable achievement, and Kolme Group has truly excelled in this endeavor. Partnerships of this caliber are the driving force behind business growth. We take immense pride in collaborating with industry leaders like Kolme Group, and we are confident that ClickUp’s partner ecosystem will continue to facilitate our mission of enhancing productivity on a global scale.”

About Kolme Group

Kolme Group specializes in offering project and portfolio management services to medium-to-large enterprises. Founded by industry experts Kim Essendrup, PMP, and Matt Henderson, CISSP, PMP, Kolme Group brings a wealth of experience and expertise to organizations, optimizing their project management processes. The partnership between Kolme Group and ClickUp was initiated in 2021.

Matt Henderson, Founder at Kolme Group, shared his thoughts on the collaboration: “With ClickUp, we’ve harnessed our project management expertise and agile methodologies to drive productivity enhancements for our valued clients. Since our adoption of the platform in 2021, we’ve consistently marveled at ClickUp’s ability to swiftly introduce new features that elevate our clients’ approach to project management and, in turn, our own. We are delighted to collaborate with such a versatile and user-friendly organization.”

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About ClickUp

ClickUp stands as the world’s foremost all-in-one productivity platform, designed to adapt to the unique work styles of individuals and teams. This revolutionary platform replaces disparate workplace productivity tools with a unified solution that encompasses project management, document collaboration, whiteboards, spreadsheets, and role-based AI tools. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in San Diego, ClickUp is driven by a mission to enhance global productivity. As one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies globally, ClickUp has empowered 10 million users across nearly 2 million teams to lead more productive lives and save at least one day every week. To delve deeper into Kolme Group’s ClickUp offerings, visit ClickUp Services.

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