Leann Johnson
Intelligence Analyst - Served in Air Force

After serving 20 years in the United States Air Force as an Intelligence Analyst (1N171A), I am retiring as a Master Sergeant July of 2022. During my service I worked as a Maintenance Logistics Coordinator (5 years) and as an Intelligence Analyst (15 years). The Air Force has brought me all the good things in my life, from my husband to my children and all the lifelong relationships I have built in between. It has also brought incredible struggles that have taught me how to overcome every difficulty. “If it was easy, everyone would do it.”

My biggest pieces of advice, from my personal challenges to a transitioning member are to remember that there will be a phase where you are lost and won’t know which way is up, all the military lingo will not work, and the structure you had previously known will be different (not in a bad way). Lean on those in your organization and don’t be afraid to ask questions and if you didn’t understand it, ask again.

If you are considering Kolme as a potential employer, or as an internship I highly recommend it. I choose to internship with Kolme because I like solving problems/puzzles and the thought that I could do that full time to help worldwide clients meet their goals sounded like a great fit. They have been very supportive of my transition and continue to help me grow and align my military experience with the civilian life I want to lead.

Together we fight for project success,
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Geek out on PM software, and
Love what we do!