Nick Lyle
PM Technical Consultant

I have participated in multiple organizations over a 22-year career managing various program disciplines, projects, and teams. I completed a career in the United States Air Force, worked as a civil servant for several government agencies, and have project experience in both the nuclear power as well as datacenter mission critical industries. Regardless of the position, one value that has always stuck with me is to follow through on your promises because results matter! Also, to ensure you communicate effectively. Communicate expectations from the start, communicate with frequent updates, and communicate changes within a timely manner so all team members (and stakeholders) can adjust accordingly. In my free time, I enjoy time with family and friends, traveling to explore new places, landscape Photography, new dining experiences, and being grateful for all of life’s blessings.

Together we fight for project success,
Live for happy teams,
Geek out on PM software, and
Love what we do!