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You Can Master Clarizen Configurations: The Why & The How
July 30, 2020

Kim EssendrupHi! I’m Kim Essendrup, one of the founders of Kolme Group and co-host of the Project Management Happy Hour podcast. At Kolme Group, we’re really proud to be a Preferred Implementation Partner for the Clarizen Project and Portfolio management platform.

And that partnership is no accident!

My partners and I started out on the technical track many years ago. And over time we made the jump into project management, implementing business automation tools for Enterprises, then we moved into program and PMO leadership, and most recently to building, fixing and optimizing Project delivery organizations.

During that journey, I personally, found myself building a new PMO for pan-European services organization. One of my first priorities was selecting and implementing a PPM solution that could handle our sophisticated organizational structure and complex financial requirements – and do it across 11 countries and 7 currencies and 3 different business practices – but it still had to be easy enough for all types of users to work in on a daily basis.

We chose to implement the Clarizen PPM solution and it was a complete game changer for our organization.

We had a single place where we could manage all our delivery, forecast projects, and manage resources. For the first time, our organization had a clear picture of our projects and resources in real time. It worked so well that we increased our billable utilization by 20%!

Why (and How) You Can Master Clarizen Configurations

I was SO impressed with Clarizen that, with a colleague, Matt Henderson – then later Drew Middleton, we founded Kolme Group and partnered with Clarizen so we could help other organizations enjoy the same success we had found with Clarizen.

Over the years, we’ve grown Kolme Group with the best and brightest Clarizen, Project Management, change management and instructional design experts we could find so we could be the consulting firm we wish we had when we were running a PMO.

Now, one of the great strengths of Clarizen is it’s ability to be uniquely configured to support your specific business processes, top to bottom, for every department. While having a tool this powerful is a huge asset, it also means that there is a LOT to learn about its capabilities and how to shape it to your organization.

Fortunately, we have a team of experts ready to help you succeed with Clarizen. And now, it’s going to be easier than EVER to access our team of experts. BECAUSE this August, we are launching Kolme University’s Clarizen Configuration Masterclasses!

Each and every one of our Clarizen configuration Masterclasses will take you, step-by-step, through the creation of a Clarizen solution that will add value to your business. We start easy for team members that may not yet have a lot of configuration background or are fresh out of Clarizen’s foundation training, and take you all the way through amazingly sophisticated solutions that can help take your organization to the next level.

We will be offering several learning tracks including:

  • Project Intake
  • Project Lifecycle
  • Custom Financials
  • API Development
  • And Much More

With new courses dropping every month you’ll transform your system to drive focus and respond faster – really impressing your stakeholders.

Master Clarizen Configuration EasilyAnd since we are a Clarizen Preferred Partner, our content will always be aligned with new product releases so you can take advantage of new features as they come out.

All course content will be offered on-demand so you can pause, rewind, and re watch while you configure alongside us. And each course will include downloadable worksheets and even “quick start” configuration downloads that you can install within your own system if you need to get up and running quickly.

For our premium members, we’re offering 1:1 configuration help when you need a hand getting going.

So, if you are ready to be a game changer and want to unlock all the amazing things your Clarizen solution can do for your organization, join us and our team of Clarizen experts by clicking below to sign up for Kolme University.

I look forward to seeing you in class so we can help you triumph ahead of schedule with #KolmeU.
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