Project Instance Sync

Zapier is an iPaaS solution that provides a cloud-based platform to share and transform data and build complex workflows between multiple systems. Our Zapier integration solution can leverage the native application integration to Clarizen One and allows for the automation of API requests that are custom written to align with the requirements. iPaaS solutions provide built-in scheduling options as well as many advanced functions for transforming data.


  • There is one team (call it the Target) which will run the “program” and be responsible for it
  • Other teams with other Clarizen instances will own and run sub-projects that run with the Target’s program
  • One-way sync of the sub-project into the Target’s program. This would update whenever the sub project or its milestones would change in the source instance
  • The dates of the sub-project would not be modifiable by the Primary

Project Instance Sync Using The Zapier Integration

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