Mikayla Martin
Directeur des services professionnels - A servi dans l'armée de l'air

I served 6 years in the Military Police Corp as an Army Reservist. I spent my military career going to college and attaining my degree while establishing my nuclear family. In my final year of military service, I began to pick up civilian jobs to prepare for my new life.  I didn’t have a full-time military -to-civilian transition, however, it became apparent to me within my first month at a new civilian job, that some of my militaristic self was still there. I struggled at first with learning how to navigate new social situations and emanating a more business professional attitude. It took one great mentor for me to find that what I gained from the military was valuable, it just needed different packaging. Now, I work for Kolme Group and will stay here a long time as the culture and support I found here surpasses any to date.

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