Sofai Faumuina
Forces de sécurité - A servi dans l'armée de l'air

After serving 12 years Security Forces/US Air Force, I realized my priorities shifted throughout my service. Single mom for most of my service, it was hard balancing life, work, and family. My transition is my most successful project to date, 5 years in planning (financial, preparing for a civilian career through education/certifications, etc). Oh, and I transitioned pregnant! Part of this transition project was to expand my family and here I was pregnant, starting my first ever civilian job and it was hard, but possible. Kolme welcomed me with open arms, value what I bring to the team and ensured my professional development was continuous leaving the service. Kolme helped me bridge the last bit of my military transition project and continues to value the military community, that alone, is why I love working here.

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