TAM and CSM Terms

Kolme Group TAM Services

AdaptiveWork is a uniquely powerful and extensible PPM platform which provides unmatched flexibility to organizations that implement it. However, that very flexibility can prove to be a challenge when supporting the platform and enhancing a sophisticated solution.

This is why Kolme Group offers Technical Account Manager (TAM) and CSM (Customer Success Manager) services as described in this document. Kolme Group’s goals in offering these services are:

  1. Help new AdaptiveWork technical administrators come up to speed on the platform as rapidly as possible
  2. Support ongoing adoption of the solution
  3. Help our clients get ever more value out of their AdaptiveWork investment.

This Services Guide

This document describes the TAM and CSM services offered by Kolme Group and associated service level commitments.

Terms, conditions and processes for TAM and CSM services may change at any time and without warning.

Prerequisites & Assumptions

To take advantage of the services described in this document, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • Client must have a licensed instance of AdaptiveWork
  • Client must have at least one internal resource identified to support AdaptiveWork and provide level 1 support to end users
  • TAM and CSM services are only meant as level 2 and level 3 support. These support services do not interact directly with your end users, but with your AdaptiveWork administrators. If you would prefer to fully outsource your AdaptiveWork support, Kolme Group offers Administrator as a Service (AaaS) packages to directly manage all of your end user support for AdaptiveWork.


CSM & TAM Services Tiers

Kolme Group offers 4 level of support: CSM, and three tiers of TAM services: A, B and C.

  CSM TAM Tier A TAM Tier B TAM Tier C
Level 2 Planview Ticket Support X X X X
Quarterly Release Reviews X X X X
TAM Working Session Calls per month 4 2 1
Access to Kolme Group AdaptiveWork Config Masterclass 2 Users 1 User


CSM services are designed to support trained and experienced AdaptiveWork technical administrators. In this tier, the Kolme Group CSM team will support level 2 support coordination and escalation with Planview Support for product issues. In addition, your CSM will schedule a quarterly review to check your error logs, check-in on platform adoption, discuss support trends and issues, and discuss upcoming AdaptiveWork product features.

This minimum support level is required for all clients who purchase Planview licenses through Kolme Group.

CSM Responsibilities

  • Respond to customer tickets within SLA
  • Escalate product tickets to Planview support and help accelerate their resolution
  • Schedule quarterly business reviews with the client to discuss support challenges, adoption progress and upcoming feature releases

TAM Tier A

TAM Tier A services provide the maximum support to new AdaptiveWork Administrators. A named TAM is assigned to your account to help you master AdaptiveWork, help with small enhancements and answer product questions and issues.

TAM Working Session Calls

In this tier of TAM services, a weekly 1-hour call is scheduled with the client. Maximum of four (4) per month.

TAM Responsibilities

TAM responsibilities are similar to that of CSM, but a TAM will also help with technical configuration questions on scheduled calls with the Client.

TAM Tier B

TAM Tier B is identical to TAM level A, except that instead of four (4) TAM sessions per month, there are two (2) per month, scheduled on alternating weeks. This service level is best for administrators with 6-12 months of experience with AdaptiveWork.

TAM Tier C

TAM Tier C is identical to TAM level A, except that instead of four (4) TAM sessions per month, there is one (1) per month.  This service level is best for administrators with a year of experience or a very simple technical solution.

Service Processes and Commitments

Opening Support Requests

The customer will identify specific customer contact(s) who are authorized to open support tickets with Kolme Group. These contacts must have some level of AdaptiveWork training and skills. Preferably, they will have completed the AdaptiveWork Admin 1-3 trainings. At a minimum, they should have completed the online AdaptiveWork Foundation training.  These customer contacts will be given access to the ticketing system at the beginning of the contract.

Kolme Group TAM and CSM support is designed to be level 2 support. This means that the designated customer contact(s) will liaise with the customer’s end users directly (level 1 support). Kolme Group will not liaise directly with the customer’s end users for this service. If Level 1 support is needed, then Kolme Group’s Administrator as a Service (AaaS) is a more appropriate service.

All requests for support should be opened via email to the named TAM.

Each support request must have the following information:

  • Description of the problem
  • Steps to reproduce the issue, if possible
  • Screen shots or screen recordings (much better!) of the issue
  • An access link

All correspondence on the ticket should be handled through the ticketing system.



Service Level Commitments

Unless otherwise agreed, support hours are 9am – 6pm US Eastern Time, excluding US public holidays.

Tickets submitted using the documented process and with the required information will be responded to within 1 business day.

Planview Platform Support

Tickets will be managed by Kolme Group team members. Where an issue may be related to a problem with the AdaptiveWork platform itself, Kolme Group will open and manage a support ticket directly with Planview Support. These tickets are subject to Planview ticket SLA’s and response times.

TAM Working Session Calls


TAM Working session calls are up to 1-hour in duration and are scheduled per the TAM tier selected. Calls will be scheduled directly with the assigned TAM.

Call Agenda & Attendees

The subject and agenda of each call is driven by the client, according to the client’s needs. One call per quarter will be dedicated to a quarterly review of system performance, adoption and upcoming product releases.

Calls should be attended and managed by the client’s lead AdaptiveWork administrator. They may have other client technical administrators or SME’s in attendance, and Kolme Group may invite supporting Kolme Group team members when appropriate.

Calls should cover technical and support topics needed by the client’s technical administrator. Your TAM may recommend topics. Typical topics include:

  • AdaptiveWork technical QA
  • Working sessions to develop, troubleshoot or enhance AdaptiveWork configurations
  • Co-development of AdaptiveWork reports
  • Help with AdaptiveWork product support tickets



Cancellation and Rollover

All monthly working session calls allotted for the selected TAM Teir must be fully used within the current calendar month and may not be rolled over into the following month.

Working session calls that are cancelled by the client may be rescheduled at the TAM’s availability and may only be rescheduled within the same month of the original appointment. Working session calls that are cancelled due to the Kolme Group TAM may be carried over into the following month if required.

TAM and CSM Services FAQ:

Question: How are Kolme Group TAM and CSM Services different from those offered by Planview?

Answer: The key difference is that our Technical TAM will have scheduled recurring calls with your technical administrator. We find that this kind of engagement is much more successful at helping your administrator come up to speed on AdaptiveWork and in driving value and adoption

Question: What if I need more technical support than my scheduled TAM calls?  For example, if I want to onboard another team or have Kolme Group run an end-user training session?

Answer: This is not in scope of our TAM and CSM services, but as a TAM or CSM subscriber, you get a discount on our standard billable rates. Contact your TAM or CSM for our latest rate card

Question: Can I just have my TAM or CSM handle my level 1 support tickets?

Answer: TAM and CSM services are designed to support your AdaptiveWork administrator, who provides level 1 support to your end users. Providing direct end-user support is out of the scope for TAM and CSM. However, our Admin as a Service (AaaS) offering does provide direct end user support. Please contact your TAM or Kolme Group contact for more information.