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Kolme Group Garners Acclaim as a Distinguished VETS Indexes Recognized Employer in 2023


Abril 13, 2023

Leadership in Veterans Support and Development Earns Kolme Group Esteemed Accolade

[Phoenix] [Abril 13, 2023] – Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to championing veterans and fostering their growth, Kolme Group proudly announces its triumphant recognition as a VETS Indexes Recognized Employer at the distinguished 2023 VETS Indexes Employer Awards. This prestigious accolade underscores Kolme Group’s exceptional dedication to nurturing, empowering, and embracing military veterans and their communities.

The VETS Indexes Employer Awards acknowledges Kolme Group’s laudable achievements in sourcing, employing, mentoring, and sustaining veterans and military personnel. By receiving this esteemed recognition, Kolme Group joins an exclusive league of organizations that have demonstrated exceptional devotion to serving those who have served our nation.

Mike Gullen, a Veteran Human Resources Specialist at Kolme Group, remarked, “Our exponential growth as a company is significantly attributed to our remarkable veterans. Their contributions have been instrumental in our advancement. The continued elevation and retention of veterans within our workforce have played a pivotal role year after year.”

Distinguished as a Department of Defense Skillbridge partner, Kolme Group has continually supported military members’ transition into the civilian workforce. In the past year alone, Kolme Group has facilitated an impressive eight DoD Skillbridge internships, each spanning between 150 to 180 days. With an illustrious team of 41 employees, an impressive 31% are esteemed veterans.

Gullen expressed, “Our unwavering pursuit of veterans through our Skillbridge initiative is an embodiment of our dedication to providing comprehensive training, mentorship, and an enriching career trajectory.”

With over two decades of excellence in the project management domain, Kolme Group has been a stalwart problem-solver for clients facing intricate challenges in PPM, Agile transformation, and Organizational Change Management. Renowned for its swiftness, precision, and tangible impact, Kolme Group has continually delivered results that shape industries and foster success.

Kolme Group’s recognition as a VETS Indexes Recognized Employer serves as a testament to its unyielding pursuit of excellence, growth, and veteran empowerment. The organization’s resolute commitment to cultivating veterans’ potential resonates across industries, establishing Kolme Group as a true beacon of transformative change.

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About Kolme Group:

Kolme Group, with over 20 years in the project management sector, stands as a paragon of innovation and effectiveness. Renowned for its prowess in addressing the most intricate PPM, Agile transformation, and Organizational Change Management challenges, Kolme Group embodies unparalleled excellence, precision, and transformative impact. With an impassioned focus on veteran support, Kolme Group paves the way for a brighter future while upholding its commitment to enhancing careers and fostering growth.

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