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Kolme’s Tailored Integration Solution: Powered by Workato

Elevate your integration game with our hosted and managed integration services, powered by our very own dedicated Workato instance. What sets us apart is not just the tools we use but the control and customization we offer to you.

By leveraging our Workato instance, we don’t just provide integration; we craft a robust, dependable, and infinitely scalable solution that aligns precisely with your unique requirements. You’re not just getting an off-the-shelf service; you’re getting a bespoke integration solution designed to empower your business, built on a foundation of reliability and scalability that only Kolme can deliver. Contact us today to explore how our integration services can transform your business and propel you toward success.


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Hosted & Managed Integration Services

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The project and portfolio management industry is rapidly changing. As experts in our field, we often write articles, record trainings, host podcasts and more to share our knowledge with those around us. If you’re in need of Integration support, our resources are here to help!

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