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Each of the Kolme Group Partners has over 20 years of Project & Program Management experience and have hand selected industry professionals, assembling a team of experts to support your PPM initiatives. Our team has practical, global experience across five continents. They have supported enterprise clients from Fortune 100 & 500 companies and found success as entrepreneurs of multiple start-ups. Their abilities are balanced across the spectrum – from executive strategy, to practical implementation, and the highly technical. We are always looking to hire the best in our field and would love to have you on our team. Please check out our careers page to learn more.

Our Team - Kolme Group

Kim Essendrup, Partner and Co-founder
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Our Team - Kolme Group

Matt Henderson, Partner and Co-founder
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Our Team - Kolme Group

Drew Middleton, Partner
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Our Team - Kolme Group

Kayla Glenn, PPM Consultant
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Our Team - Kolme Group

Cortney Felix, PPM Consultant
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Our Team - Kolme Group

Lien Perk, PPM Consultant
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Our Team - Kolme Group

Jonathan Smith, Technical Consultant
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Our Team - Kolme Group

Tanya Mancuso, PPM Consultant
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Kelly Smith, PMSC
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Lauren Caughlan, Product Owner
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Laura Senff, PPM Consultant
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Kyle M

Kyle Moynihan, PPM Consultant
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Joe Zamora, Developer
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Nathan Hare, PPM Intern
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Dr. Karl Adam, PPM Consultant
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Kevin Jacobs, Agile Transformation Consultant
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Michele Schiff, Instructional Design
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Kim Essendrup

I help our customers because I’ve “been in their shoes,” and can share pragmatic advice about what works and what doesn’t in the world of Project & Portfolio management. I have 20+ years managing teams, projects, programs and PMO’s. I’m a certified PMP and PMI Registered Education Provider, and love to nerd out over PPM with my colleagues and clients. When not being a PPM nerd, I like to participate in endurance sports – I’ve participated in 8 Ironman triathlons and most recently completed the 50 kilometer Crown King Scramble. These events are long and occasionally challenging, but have a defined beginning, middle and end – much like managing a project :)

Matt Henderson

Versatile leader with experience in program and portfolio management, professional services, information technology, and business operations spanning startups to Fortune 500 companies. Competencies: Strategic Planning, Program/Portfolio Management, Change/Transition Management, People Development, P&L/Budgeting, M&A, Contract Negotiations, Conflict Management, Process Improvements, International Business, Business Development

Specialties: PMI (PMP), Prince2, Agile, ITIL, CISSP

Drew Middleton

As a project leader, I incorporate a business analysis perspective into my project management approach to ensure that all project stakeholders’ voices are heard. I’m a certified PMP and ScrumMaster with 25+ years’ experience leading projects, advising PMO leaders, and teaching project management practices. If I’m not fast-tracking and crashing my project schedule, it’s probably because I’m out on a trail somewhere, fast-tracking and crashing my mountain bike. I also enjoy road cycling and kayaking with my wife and kids.

Kayla Glenn

I’m a jack-of-all-trades, bringing a wide variety of unique experience to every project. I’m great at putting myself in the end-user’s shoes and building a creative solution to keep things easy. Over the last 8 years, I’ve managed projects in the non-profit sector, in small business, in IT and PMOs, and all the way to Burning Man! I spend my spare time planning my Burning Man camp, taking glamour photos of my friends’ pets, and perfecting my gourmet jello shot recipes.

Cortney Felix

I bring empathy and real-world insight to our customers that allows me to listen to what the customer believes they want and translate it into what they need to be successful. I have 20+ years in program development and implementation, team development, and portfolio and resource management that work in harmony to create the “best of album” provided to my clients. In my free time you can usually find me out on my back porch with a good book, playing with my dogs or exploring the amazing roads of the Carolinas on my motorcycle.

Lien Perk

Communication & Connecting people is what I bring to our customers. Communicating is such an important part of managing your projects successfully and most of the time it also proves to be the hardest. By connecting your people and facilitating your project management processes I aim to contribute to growing your business success. With a Bachelor in Communication and CAPM, Prince2 and Scrum certificates on my wall, I have been working in various coordinator, manager and consultant roles in the field of Project Management & PMO. 10 years down that road and still having too much fun to want to leave it behind! When not chatting with people on a work related basis, I like to socialize with close friends and family. There is always food involved when doing that, preferably homemade food. When ‘retrospective’ hours are required, I like to go to the stables riding my horse or to take a long, quiet walk in nature.

Jonathan Smith

I love to help our customers because I enjoy solving technical challenges and finding creative solutions that simplify day to day tasks. I have 20+ years managing and implementing technical deployments, migrations, and automation. I’m a certified MCSE (Productivity), MCSA (O365/Azure), and MCSE (Messaging). Outside of the office I enjoy testing my mental resolve and physical endurance in Spartan and Ragnar Trail races. On the more relaxing side of life I enjoy cooking, home improvement projects, traveling the country side in the family RV, and training my three dogs.

Tanya Mancuso

Having faced many of the same challenges our clients face, I have walked in their shoes and use my skills and experience to guide them through the process to a successful close. I have 20+ years of experience in project management, implementation and management. I thrive on turning chaos and complex issues into simplified and clear processes. I am a PMP, Lean and Agile Project Management certified professional.

My passions include traveling to new places with my husband or friends. I love exploring new cities, concert road trips, home improvement projects and good food & wine. On a regular day, I’m content to kick back at home with my husband and dogs outside Montreal, Quebec, Canada and plan our next adventure!

Kelly Smith

As a project leader, I love to support companies in achieving outcomes through exceptional communication and service. Over the last decade, I’ve had the honor of providing oversight to programs in the nonprofit sector, ultimately holding the position of Vice President for the Western half of the United States. This role, along with my Master's degree in Psychology, has allowed me to navigate division teams through times of transition and govern all areas of project management. Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, art/photography and reading novels.

Lauren Caughlan

My ability to excel at planning and implementing critical program strategies is just the start of what I offer my clients. I also deliver positive results by introducing cultural change, developing organizational strategies, managing programs and driving transformation initiatives to deliver internal improvements for clients near and far. In addition to my Master of Public Management degree, my long history using business automation tools and developing customer experience life cycles has provided me with an additional skill set that plays a key role in all of my projects. When I'm not busy bringing piece of mind to my clients, you can usually find me traveling around the world with my husband trying new foods and exploring different cultures through sites and sounds.

Laura Senff

I have been where our clients are, so I understand how daunting it can be to select and implement a PPM solution. That’s why my goal is to ensure my solutions work for my clients, not vice versa (as is too often the case). I have 14 years of project and program management experience and currently hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, as well as a Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing. In my off hours I love to read, write, play games, and hike. Most often though, I am discovering something new and exciting with my son or we are playing with our five wolfdogs.

Kyle Moynihan

As an entrepreneur at heart, I love the feeling of rolling up my sleeves and solving real business challenges. I have been a project manager in all kinds of organizations over the last 10 years, from small companies to multi-national corporations, and in many different countries. There’s a universal language of driving successful projects that starts with keen emotional intelligence and understanding the end-user’s perspective; that’s one thing I really enjoy about project management and strive to always deliver to my clients and colleagues. Culturally adaptable and highly social, I can usually be found on my time off traveling to new places, learning new languages, and making new and diverse friends.

Joe Zamora

For twenty years, I have been helping clients get the most out of their software investments through my expertise with extensibility technologies. I've been a member of dozens of teams and have tens of thousands of lines of code running in production across the globe. I love living in Colorado for the climate, natural wonders, people, snow sports, and craft beer.

Nathan Hare

I have always found a passion in project management since I first began in the Navy up until when I separated after 4 years. Watching the transformation from beginning to end and experiencing the teamwork needed to complete a project has been by far my favorite part of all the projects I have worked on and completed. I am currently finishing my BS in Business Management and look forward to starting work on my MBA. When I am not at work I enjoy hosting board game nights, hiking, and going over to the beach.

Dr. Karl Adam

I strongly believe that project management is key in successfully bringing about change. With 15 years of project management experience I am passionate about delivering successful projects to our customers. As a certified PMP and having worked as project manager, program and project portfolio manager as well as Head of PMO, I have a strong sense for customer’s needs and requirements. Proper planning, scope definition and a thought through project initialization are the foundation for a smooth(er) ride through the ensuing changes. When I am not immersed in project work, I enjoy traveling, reading up on history and engrossing myself into e-sports.

Kevin Jacobs

Project managers change the world – one project at a time, and I love being a part of it. I’m such a project nerd that my doctoral degree was in making projects more successful, and I’m still constantly learning more about the concepts. With 20 years experience in the field, I find value in both traditional and agile approaches, having created and taught a PMP certification course for 5 years, and been involved with multiple agile transformations. When I’m not learning or working on projects, I’m home with my three boys and wonderful wife who help keep everything balanced.

Michele Schiff

As a professional educator, I enjoy engaging with learners to help them successfully maximize their knowledge and retention. I believe that everyone can learn and develop their skills given a proven instructional design and engaging courses. I am a certified educator, qualified to teach International Baccalaureate classes, hold a master’s degree in education, and have 25 years of experience. Along with classroom instruction, I have worked on curriculum development and aligning instruction to state, national, and international standards where appropriate. Outside of education, I have enjoyed developing a yoga practice that has kept me grounded and centered for the last 12 years. I also enjoy life with rescue dogs and gardening.