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Kome Group

We started Kolme Group so we could make our customers successful with solutions leveraging the best PPM and Work Management tools in the market. Our goal is not to simply deploy a tool, but to develop a pragmatic and comprehensive best practices solution four our clients which delivers real value to the organization.

Why Clarizen


We’ve been a proud preferred partner of Planview AdaptiveWork since 2017! We have helped hundreds organizations, ranging from small enterprise to Fortune 100 and global NGOs achieve success in this unique and configurable system. Kolme Group has supported AdaptiveWork in many different ways over the years of our partnership:



Professional Services
We’ve been a proud preferred partner of Planview since 2017! With specializations in AdaptiveWork and AgilePlace, we have helped hundreds of organizations implement AdaptiveWork.

Customer and Partner training
We have created many foundational video training content for AdaptiveWork along with being trusted to teach new partners best system practices so they can develop their own professional service packages for AdaptiveWork customers.

Kolme University
Knowledge is power when it comes to managing your new AdaptiveWork solution, which is why Kolme Group developed Kolme University. Our aim is to empower your team so you don’t have to rely on external resources to manage AdaptiveWork. Learn best practice configuration skills though step-by-step instruction at Kolme University.



Our clients needs are all widely unique and we strive to meet their demands with easy and simple solutions. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with ClickUp, a system designed to replace & reduce the need for multiple productivity apps that might currently be used to run your business. The idea is to have one place for all your work and instantly bring your team together.

Kolme Group provides a white glove onboarding experience, unlike any other, in ClickUp by creating a custom implementation plan based on your requests. By offering over 1,000 integrations to broadly used productivity apps, ClickUp solves many of your business efficiency issues.

Easy Business:
Add Kanban Boards, Gantt charts, Calendars, and more alongside docs, conversations, reminders, spreadsheets, and embeds to keep all of your work in one place.

Gain Transparency:
View others people’s profiles to see what they are working on and what they’ll work on next for ultimate and unprecedented transparency.

Work Together:
ClickUp’s ‘Spaces’ are completely customizable, so every type of team can work together while using their own Space. Use a simple space for something like customer service and a complex space for engineering.

Be Involved:
View every single task across your team in any way that you want. Sort, filter, and manage all tasks at a birds-eye view.

Why Clarizen


At Kolme Group we understand the impact proper Time Tracking can make for our customers. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with TImeJam and include this tool with our Organizational Change Management services! We know that your team’s discipline in tracking time is directly impacting the financial numbers of the business. By making it playful with TimeJam, you will motivate your team to track time on a daily basis, so every hour is counted for. TimeJam applies a spectrum of tactics to keep your team engaged in tracking time on a daily basis.‍

Friendly competition, monthly rewards, and peer recognition makes time tracking much more engaging.

By making time tracking a team effort, you suddenly have your colleagues cheering for your time entries.

Communicating on numbers doesn’t have to be boring. TimeJam has a huge catalogue of GIFs and Emojis to keep everybody engaged.

Regular updates on team and individual performance nudge everybody to up their game.

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