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Your team’s discipline in tracking time directly impacts the financials of your project – and your business.

Your team’s discipline in tracking time directly impacts the financials of your project – and your business. Use the proven psychology of gamification with TimeJam to make time entry fun and competitive. It works! Kolme Group uses it every day!

While having a tool this powerful is a huge asset, it also means that there is a LOT to learn about its capabilities and how to shape it to your organization. Our team has over 20 years of Project & Program Management experience and have hand selected industry professionals, assembling a team of experts to support your PPM initiatives.

TimeJam Services

Take the pain out of Time entry by Gamifying it! We do it ourselves at Kolme Group!

Time entry is critical for our businesses and for managing our projects, but it is and always has been a terrible experience. But with TimeJam, it doesn’t have to be! TimeJam is the first tool to truly gamify time entry for your team, using real rewards and team dynamics to improve time entry quality and to make it a game, rather than a chore. At Kolme group, we know it works because we use it ourselves!

TimeJam integrates with your existing time entry system and your existing team IM/chat tool.

TimeJam customers report:

  • +30 more hours tracked per employee/month
  • +95% of hours tracked on time
  • +10% more billable hours
Why Clarizen

Why TimeJam?

TimeJam is the easiest way to improve your time tracking. Keeping a team motivated to track their hours consistently week after week is hard. It has a direct impact on number of billable hours tracked and you can easily lose out on 2-4 billable hours per employee per month.

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Discover how much your company could save with our TimeJam Calculator below! We think you might be shocked at just how much money you are leaving on the table each month. Be sure to also check out our time gamification resources to learn how your company can accelerate the curve.

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