Time For Change

Organizational Change Management (OCM) in conjunction with project management supports the investment the customer has made and aids in producing a quality integration of any PPM Tool within an organization.

The transformation to Data Driven PPM is a critical change, but may not be the only challenge your organization is facing.  Whether you need help optimizing your PMO, remediating troubled portfolios or programs, providing leadership to your critical initiatives, or providing coaching and training to your team, Kolme is here to help!

Our Method: Change Pathway

At Kolme Group, we know that sustained adoption is the key to providing long-lasting and effective organizational change. We’ve taken our years of industry experience and created our signature OCM Pathway built with the World’s Most Widely Adopted Individual Change Management Framework at its core.

We’ll collaborate building a unique step-by-step approach to managing your organizational change. Within organizations, change seems to happen most when critical issues arise, and a particular benefit is identified.

Our commitment is to help your company implement your organizational change successfully using our signature OCM Pathway, while guiding your employees towards a unified acceptance of the change proving for lasting and positive results.  

Change Management

Your Perfect Change Partner

Change management is the people side of any organizational change—aKolme Group, our OCM Pathway provides a guiding light amid changing organizational chaos

  • Change Management Knowledge
    • Prosci® certified change consultants
    • ADKAR® method followed
  • Project Management Experience
    • Built, operated & optimized project organizations globally
    • 100 years of combined PM & PMO leadership experience
  • Expert Level Technical Ability
    • Premier Clarizen technical partner 
    • Advanced custom CSS/HTML configurations
    • Masters in automating complex business processes

The primary reasons for applying change management are increased probability of project success, manage employee resistance to change, capture people-dependent ROI, and build change competency into the organization.

What’s Included?

Our team is passionate about ensuring your projects are successful from beginning to end. That’s why at Kolme, we offer our Change Management services to support the investment our clients have made and aid in producing a quality integration of any PPM Tool within your organization. Our talented team of experts have certified in the globally recognized Prosci ADKAR® Model.

Contact Kolme to find out more about our Change Management services, which include:

  • Standardized, scientifically researched Change Management assessments
  • Detailed Change Management Plans: 
    • Coaching & Resistance Plans for Managers
    • Sponsor Roadmaps & Preparation Tools
    • Training Plans tailored by Risk Assessment
    • Communication plan including 12+ engaging templates 
  • Gamification tools and onboarding activities
  • Innovative configurations & best practices designed to drive adoption

Keep Learning With Us

To continuing your knowledge into understanding why Change Management is the key to any projects success, check out our newest blog post on Change Management Fundamentals.

Also, be sure to watch our webinar for a fun and easy understanding of the OCM topic. Our YouTube channel is also a great place to continue learning anytime with us 24/7!


Prepared To Serve

Change Management

We enhanced our ability to shift business priorities and successfully transition our clients employees to the new normal by certifying our PM consultants in the Prosci ADKAR® Model.

The ADKAR® Model is a goal-oriented change management model that guides individual and organizational change.

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