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Manage your workflows and
cash flows all in one place.

Kolme Connect
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Leverage the world’s first truly managed PPM SaaS solution.

KolmeConnect seamlessly integrates your current software tools into a cohesive solution that vastly improves efficiency across your organization. Our innovative all-in-one platform promotes effortless collaboration, boosts productivity, and provides unparalleled project visibility. Embrace the future of project management with KolmeConnect.

Where financial planning and project planning play nice

Everything you need, all in one place.

From dashboards to whiteboards, our all-in-one solution centralizes all of your tasks, resources, and data in one location, allowing your teams to work in complete harmony. With KolmeConnect, you can ensure that everyone in your organization is pulling in the same direction.

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Combining the best of both worlds

Most organizations rely on various software tools to oversee their projects, each of them offering its own advantages. KolmeConnect not only integrates these tools, it actually makes them better by enhancing their strengths and minimizing their limitations. The result? A unified solution that covers all of your PPM needs.

Where PMs meet COOs

Unlock unprecedented efficiency and heightened productivity with a comprehensive solution that takes teamwork to a whole new level. From project planning to financial planning, our intuitive platform connects your teams, your data, and your reporting.

Kolme Connect
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Disconnected teams are a thing of the past with KolmeConnect. Our solution unites people across your organization around a shared vision for your organization’s success. The result? Improved business performance and a more aligned and engaged workplace.

Team Members & Taks Workers
Free your team from software inefficiencies so they can focus on what matters most. From task management to whiteboarding to agile support, KolmeConnect empowers team members to be the best version of themselves.

Our onboarding process makes KolmeConnect easy to implement and maintain. Enjoy a hassle-free, fully managed solution at a fixed yearly price with no hidden fees, add-ons, or unexpected charges.

Executive Suite & PMO Management
Arm your leadership team with the tools they need to make more informed decisions. With robust financial management, capacity planning, and reporting tools, your organization will be able to plan and prioritize like never before.

KolmeConnect is for select organizations only

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Icon - Task Management & Time Tracking

Task Management & Time Tracking

Enjoy streamlined workflows, comprehensive task management, and effortless time tracking that keeps you focused on your work.

Icon - User Experience + Ease of Use

User Experience + Ease of Use

An intuitive user interface combined with full onboarding and offboarding support will get your teams up and running in no time.

Icon - Integrated Docs and Whiteboards

Integrated Docs and Whiteboards

Fuse powerful document sharing and whiteboarding features to promote unprecedented teamwork and collaboration.

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Icon - Analytics, Reports & Dashboards

Analytics, Reports & Dashboards

Unlock key insights into your operations so you can identify opportunities for improvement and make informed decisions.

Icon - Financial Management + Capacity Planning

Financial Management + Capacity Planning

With robust financial management tools and capacity planning features, KolmeConnect helps to ensure the financial health of your products.

Icon - Program or Portfolio Management

Program or Portfolio Management

Improve business outcomes by prioritizing needs, improving efficiencies, managing resources, and reducing costs using real-time data.

Kolme Connect

Seamless integration. Superior performance.

We’re here to help you reach new heights in productivity, collaboration, and efficiency. Take the next step and explore what KolmeConnect can do for you.