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Kolme University: Configuration Masterclasses

Configuration Masterclasses powered by Kolme University will provide you with new tools and ideas to keep your system top-notch and customized to fit your business needs. Courses are designed for all configuration skill levels and course lessons will build upon each other to allow easy understanding of configuration principles.

Learn at your own pace with our yearly membership!

Triumph Ahead of Schedule In Clarizen!

  • World Class Training

    No other Clarizen partner offers a technical training option of this magnitude for continued Admin training & configuration support.

  • Impressive Toolbelt

    Clarizen’s administrator training is pretty basic –the learning curve to get to sophistication within the system can be very long and painful. At Kolme University we teach you all that is needed to make your production soar quickly!

  • Real Time Benefits

    We want you to learn and apply your new skills to your Clarizen account in less than 30 minutes. Configuration support + Jumpstart packs will help you to create real-time updates to the systems. 

  • Saves You Money

    Kolme University is a cost effective alternative to more custom solutions like Professional Services hours. Although we know that many companies need these services, it might not be the most cost effective option for you right now. Empower your Clarizen users!

Skills Learned & Courses Offered

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Kolme University

If you’re new to configurations and are wanting to know where to begin in the library, just look for your current business need below and follow the roadmap provided to learn the needed solution!