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Having faced many of the same challenges our clients face, I have walked in their shoes and use my skills and experience to guide them through the process to a successful close. I have 20+ years of experience in project management, implementation and management. I thrive on turning chaos and complex issues into simplified and clear processes. I am a PMP, Lean and Agile Project Management certified professional.

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What is the Change Management Process

What is the Change Management Process

Change. It can be scary and unknown and invites anxiety and stress. We’ve all heard that nobody likes change. But change is good, and it’s healthy and inevitable.bChanges happen all the time. Some are successful, but many are not. Unsuccessful changes are likely due to very little preparation for that change. Organizations don’t change; people do. Organizations set the strategy and objectives, but the people in the organization decide to get on board and support and affect that change.

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