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Quickstart + Licensing for Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Accelerate your PS delivery now with an AdaptiveWork Quickstart package. NOW with TimeJam timesheet gamification!

Get quick value from AdaptiveWork while improving management of your revenue-generating professional services with this license + enablement bundle! 

Our AdaptiveWork experts will work with your team to license and launch AdaptiveWork for your professional services team. To help achieve quickest value, you will select from a menu of best-practices configurations that we have refined with hundreds of AdaptiveWork customers, including: 

  • Project creation and initiation 
  • Resource Management 
  • Standardized project scheduling 
  • Risk and issue tracking  
  • “One-click” status reporting 
  • Cost- and Revenue-based Financial forecasting and tracking 
  • Time tracking and compliance 
  • Portfolio management and reporting 

Our AdaptiveWork specialists will help train and onboard your team and get them off to a strong start with this award winning PPM tool. 

We can also provide add-on services such as “External Collaborator” to allow your customers to work in tandem with you in your AdaptiveWork environment, and integration of AdaptiveWork with your CRM and ERP systems for a true quote-to-cash solution 

Includes 90 days free access to TimeJam time entry gamification for team members! TimeJam is an add-on to your time entry system which improves time entry quality. We use it at Kolme Group and love it! TimeJam integrates with AdaptiveWork and your existing team IM/chat tool.  

TimeJam customers report… 

+30 more hours tracked per employee/month 

+95% of hours tracked on time 

+10% more billable hours 



  • AdaptiveWork Licenses (Kolme Group is an Authorized Reseller) 
  • AdaptiveWork implementation based on a menu of best practice configurations 
  • Training and enablement for your team 
  • Introductory trial offer: TimeJam integration between AdaptiveWork and Slack or MS Teams 


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Quickstart + Licensing (PMO)

Quickstart + Licensing for Professional Services Automation (PSA)

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AdaptiveWork Admin Services

AdaptiveWork Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Adoption Pathway Change Management

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Planview AdaptiveWork resources

Here at Kolme Group, we offer many different levels of support for AdaptiveWork users and consultant partners! Take a moment and see the resources offered below to see how we can support your needs.

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