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AdaptiveWork Technical Account Manager (TAM) 

Technical support on your terms

With Kolme Group’s AdaptiveWork Technical Account Manager Administrator (TAM), you can be assured that you have experts supporting your AdaptiveWork investment.  

Our TAM subscription service allows for your business to have a named expert who you'll meet with weekly or bi-weekly to help troubleshoot, provide guidance and configuration support. Services include;   

  • One-on-One Technical Coaching Session
  • Access to 'Tier 2' level technical support with us
  • Liaison to Planview support for ticket escalation
  • Access to Configuration Masterclasses powered by Kolme University
  • Proactive conversations together focused on upcoming system features:
    • Inclusion on exclusive upcoming Beta features
    • Quarterly product release notes

Your trainings will be tailored to your specific system needs and will also include system education around industry best practices. Feel free to bring up any specific needs to your coach. Additional questions?


We believe it keeping your system healthy and organized. To do so, your AdaptiveWork admin will need to meet with their expert coach on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, dependent on their technical background and system comfortability.



Learn more about our AdaptiveWork Technical Account Manager as a Service (TAM) by downloading our PDF here

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