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Clarizen Check-up

Re-ignite your Clarizen solution

Let Kolme Group provide a FREE Clarizen Best Practices Check-Up, so your company can get the most out of your Clarizen investment. As a result of this helpful check-up most of our customers have seen increased efficiency, elevated users satisfaction and restored system performance. 

Included in the Best Practices Clarizen Check-Up:  

  • Strategic Workshops 
    • Executive workshops to understand business needs, opportunities any gaps. 
    • Usability Focus Groups 
    • Observation of your end-users working with Clarizen 
    • Focus group discussions 
  • Technical Assessment 
    • Technical Performance assessment 
    • Backend Configuration Review 
    • User Interface Configuration Review 
  • Detailed Findings Review 
    • Recommendations for Quick Wins & Long-Term Strategy 
    • Prioritized Backlog with Effort Estimates 
    • Final Walk-Through of Results 


  • Strategic workshop with your management team
  • Usability focus groups with up to 2 personas
  • Technical assessment of your Clarizen back-end configuration and user interface
  • Performance benchmarking against best practice standards
  • Findings review, including a review of recommended quick-wins and fixes & enhancements

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