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June 14, 2019


Hello from London!

Last week, Kolme Group EU team members attended the Gartner Program & Portfolio Management Summit 2019. This year’s two-day summit had a variety of interesting sessions related to this year’s hot-topic: Digital Business, Maximum Value!

Key Note speaker and opening act of the Summit, Dave Aron, explains:

Digital business is no longer only a challenge for companies that are directly related to the digital world. Due to the fast-paced changes digital has made in the lives of all of us, both in business as well as in our private lives, it has become a challenge for everyone everywhere in business. Where in the previous year’s we focused on digital business being the end station, we now realize that for now and the future, the continuous digital development is the trend.

Gartner has identified this trend as the ‘ContinuousNEXT’. In order for PPM to be enabled, Gartner has identified 4 key areas that play a vital part:

  • Digital Twins for programs
  • Augmented Portfolio Intelligence
  • Digital Product Management and the SRO
  • Culture and Change Management Performance


During the summit these 4 key areas provided the framework for all the various sessions presented.Mr. Aron further highlighted that the need for ContinuousNEXT in digital business transformations is driven by more and more complex choices, deeper change and more uncertainty for businesses.

Complex Choices with ContinuousNEXT

More and complex choices require a new way of dealing with those. Managing your gut feeling no longer is enough to drive business change, and existing methodologies require a more dynamic approach. Old fashioned task-orientation, accommodating shocks and changes, the growing pressure to choose well and the realization that the current harvesting phases are weak or even non-existent drive the need to start changing these approaches.

Deeper Change with ContinuousNEXT

For deeper change to happen and to be adopted, businesses need to start choosing product and platform management over traditional project management.

The Bimodal commitment is the way forward. In that process uncertainty is a key factor, so embrace it with the following in mind:

  • Strengthen, deepen and broaden sensing capabilities;
  • Develop and diffuse value driver models;
  • Commit to bimodal and be more agile;
  • Build and use scenarios;
  • Socialize concept – test with one environment.


In the end, both businesses as well as people just rather focus on doing great and good work and avoid doing bad work!

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