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Get integrated to become more productive, period.

With Integrations,  you can connect anything to GUIDEcx via native integrations, Zapier or GUIDEcx’s open API.  This allows you to maximize and leverage the power of GUIDEcx.

From creating projects based on a trigger from SalesForce or Hubspot, to leveraging Slack for collaboration, you can send data to and from GUIDEXcx with your existing business systems – not changing how you and your team like to work, just making you more effective.


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GUIDEcx Integration Services

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The project and portfolio management industry is rapidly changing. As experts in our field, we often write articles, record trainings, host podcasts and more to share our knowledge with those around us. If you’re in need of GUIDEcx support, our resources are here to help!

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