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GUIDEcx is a platform designed for client onboarding projects. It aims to enhance project delivery efficiency, minimize issues, and expedite value delivery to customers. Here’s an example of how Kolme Group will work with you to onboard GUIDEcx:

Scenario Creation: The Kolme Group Services team collaborates with you to develop scenarios in GUIDEcx that encompass your onboarding processes. Scenarios are based on project templates that includes milestones and tasks. These templates can be easily customized for different onboarding scenarios, ensuring a tailored experience while maintaining structure and consistency.

Scenario Validation: The Kolme Group Services team will shadow you on an actual customer onboarding to:

    • Assist in facilitating the Onboarding process.
    • Engage and guide stakeholders, including internal team members, external customers, and third-party vendors.
    • Validate the Onboarding scenario.
    • Make any necessary changes/updates in real-time.

Project Trend Analysis: Data-driven identification of bottlenecks and accelerators across all projects. By analyzing this data, you can optimize future projects and enhance customer experiences.

Comprehensive Support: The Kolme Group Services team along with the GUIDEcx success team provide assistance at every stage of your journey, including onboarding sessions, live chat support, and training for new hires.

GUIDEcx Services

GUIDEcx Onboarding Services

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The project and portfolio management industry is rapidly changing. As experts in our field, we often write articles, record trainings, host podcasts and more to share our knowledge with those around us. If you’re in need of GUIDEcx support, our resources are here to help!

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